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Saturday, May 15, 2021
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    The government imposes the state of emergency in the Community of Madrid and it will be implemented “immediately”

    This Friday, the extraordinary Council of Ministers decreed the state of alert in the Community of Madrid which will come into effect immediately after the end of the government meeting. To this end, it is expected to be published in the BOE in the early afternoon. This is the end of a conflict with the Community of Madrid which has lasted exactly two weeks and which has ended with the decision by the central Executive and against the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to impose restrictions on mobility with emergency legislation.

    As the Minister of Health, Salvado Illa, explained, the state of alarm will last for 15 days and beyond this period the Government does not expect to have to ask Congress for an extension. When this first period ends, the restrictions in Madrid will already last 23 days and Illa has hoped that the Community will be in a “horizon of stabilization” by then.

    Moreover, unlike in the first wave, in this state of alarm there will be no “delegated authority” or “single command” which was then in the hands of the ministers of Health, the Interior, Defence and Transport and only in the end in the hands of Health alone.

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