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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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    E-scooters need insurance and the driver has to have a driving licence

    Lately a police patrol observed a person riding an e-Scoototer-moped, also known as “citycoco”.
    When the driver of the vehicle was asked for the registration number of the vehicle, he stated that he was completely unaware of all the requirements that both the vehicle and he as a driver of the vehicle had to meet.

    The driver was charged with an offence against road safety as he did not have any kind of driving licence and the vehicle was taken to the municipal warehouse.

    The police reminds you that in 2019 the DGT published instruction 2019/S-149 where it established a classification for all personal mobility vehicles which included the e-scooter “CityCoco”. These have been classified within the L1E-b category, which implies that they must be registered and insured. In addition, the driver must have a moped (AM or higher) or car (B) driving licence and wear an approved safety helmet.

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