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Friday, January 15, 2021
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    “Fate Foods” is giving away free Christmas dinners and YOU can nominate a family or person in need!

    “Fate Foods” restaurant & food delivery is offering free Christmas Dinners to family and persons in needs. That can be anyone from homeless, low income families or elderly people, generally anyone who is unable to provide an appropriate Christmas Dinner for themselves or their family. So if you know of someone who would deserve this, you just need to contact Fate Foods with the name and details of the nominee and the reason why they deserve the meal.

    The idea came up in December 2019 when their 8-year-old son Corban asked if they could do some charity work on Christmas day. As Fate Foods is a food delivery company, the easiest way to help people was delivering food to those in need on that special day. So on Christmas day 2019 Ed, the chef, cooked nearly 80 meals while Louise and Corban delivered them along with some other volunteers to those in need.

    As they experienced the big success of their Christmas Charity they carried on providing free meals once a month to those in need until March, when Spain went into lockdown. This was the moment when the list of people in need grew and grew, so they decided to set up the Free-Meals-On-Wheels charity. Like this everybody who could spare a few Euros for those in need could donate to help towards the cost of the ingredients. They now predominantly work from La Línea to Estepona, but if someone is in desperate need they have helped up to Malaga area.

    But they do more: Louise and Ed, who run Fate Foods, also set up a Pay-it-forward scheme, where people can donate €5 which will pay for a day of food and toiletries for a family through the charity collective called St George’s Charity Duquesa.

    Louise and Ed have done lots of charity work for years and will continue with their quest to help people in need as long as they can, also encouraging their children to help them along the way. So if you would like to donate to the Free-Meals-On-Wheels charity or the Pay-it-forward scheme, please contact Fate Foods by sending them a private message on their page (https://www.facebook.com/fatefooddeliveries) or by WhatsApp: 603226099

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