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Friday, April 16, 2021
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    Sánchez announces €11 billion aid package for hotels, restaurants, tourism and small businesses

    It was also pushed that the creation of quality jobs will be one of the main criteria for the selection of projects in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

    The President pointed out that “today we are all aware” that the de-escalation of the first wave happened too quickly, “stimulated by the need to reactivate the economy and remove emotional fatigue”. Prudence is therefore a “civic and political duty” that must be upheld despite the start of vaccination: “We must all face the challenge of avoiding a fourth wave.”

    The President stressed that 2021 will also be the year of an economic and social recovery that will give citizens “hope” and “tranquillity”: “I understand that in the thick fog of this crisis it is difficult to see the end, but the exit is near.

    This recovery will be possible – he explained – thanks to the 140,000 million euros that Spain will receive over the next six years from European Union funds for reconstruction, carried out under the Recovery , Transformation and Resilience Plan.

    The President has defined the aid measures for businesses, workers and households implemented since the beginning of the pandemic as “a protective measure unprecedented in the history of Spain”. He has also announced that the government will soon approve an additional package of 11,000 million euros for companies, SMEs and the self-employed. The aim is to continue helping sectors that grew before the pandemic and are now in an “extremely difficult” situation, such as tourism, hotels, restaurants and small businesses. These funds will enable them to strengthen the solvency in their balance sheets, make the necessary investments and hire the workers they need.

    The President has argued that the government’s goal is to “leave no one behind”, to “always look forward” and to “grow, change in other ways” to achieve a “Spain more digital, sustainable, coherent and fair” and more feminist “. These four major changes aim to create quality and sustainable jobs, which form the basis of all the Executive’s economic policies.

    “We have reasons to look to the future with confidence and hope,” he assured. The President called for the unity and responsibility of the parliamentary forces to contribute together to make 2021 a turning point and for Spain to overcome the pandemic “and take the place it deserves in Europe and in the world”.

    However, it is unclear how the president intends to pay back the enormous sum of 140 billion euros. In the end, the damage caused by the pandemic and the often absurd decisions of politicians will be at the expense of our children and their children. At a time when those politicians who are now responsible for this disaster have already moved into their retirement homes in comfort and with secure pensions. And for sure they took care of the well-being of their offspring while they were still in power.

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