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Sunday, July 25, 2021
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    The hotel and catering industry requests more freedom: “We have behaved responsibly during these times and we will continue to do so”.

    After the decrease in the number of registered infections, the hotel and catering sector in Malaga is calling on the Junta de Andalucía to delay the curfew and proceed to open up mobility between provinces. The president of the Federation of Hotel and Catering Industry of Andalusia, Javier Frutos, has assured that the situation that could be found in the short term could be much more serious than the one at the moment.

    After learning of the increase in unemployment figures, specifically 18,000 more people from Andalusia, Frutos has asked the administration to put the focus on the economy because the hotel and catering industry has a lot of weight in these figures. “The scenario that both employers and workers themselves are experiencing today is very complicated”, he stressed.

    In relation to the proposals presented in the letter, the Federation requests the creation of a joint committee to meet periodically to analyse the data and propose measures to be adopted every fortnight. “We believe that it is logical to sit down with them and explain to them which is the formula that can have the least impact on the sector, always prioritising health”, he stresses.

    On the other hand, there is also the question of the capacity to be opened up. According to the president, the current restrictions prevent establishments from generating significant income. “Currently, hoteliers may be producing a 20% turnover at the most. And that makes it impossible to cover the costs of a business,” he laments. Although this long weekend could have been a great opportunity, Frutos confesses that it has turned into a real disaster. Thanks to the good weather, Saturday was the only day when there was more movement on the terraces.

    Regarding the opening of the provincial mobility, the president believes that it would be the right thing to do to remove this limitation as the municipalities that have a great impact are closed and it would not make sense to continue with this scenario. He also welcomes the fact that the health passport will be implemented as soon as possible. “The Community has to get its act together and bring it out as soon as possible. This is essential to reactivate tourism and, of course, for everyone’s safety”, he insists.

    Finally, Frutos pointed out that the Junta de Andalucía has been the one that has released the least aid at national level despite the great need that exists. In addition, he called for the elimination of the requirement to be up to date with tax payments. “Obviously we all want to pay taxes, but this aid cannot be denied to someone who has not been able to. This aid could be used to pay off these debts so that they do not grow further,” he concludes.

    However, the health passport favoured by Frutos is a point of controversy because it will lead to society being divided in two. There will be those who are “vaccinated” and therefore supposedly safe and protected and those who do not trust the vaccines because of the far too short development and testing time and therefore strictly refuse vaccination.

    Most governments had promised that there would be no compulsory vaccination, but with a health passport this will be introduced through the back door when there will be restrictions for all those who do not want to be vaccinated. This is actually an irrational decision, as all those who trust the vaccine can get vaccinated and therefore are protected.

    Once again, the question arises which information governments use to make their decisions and why.

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