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Saturday, May 15, 2021
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    Andalusia rejects the use of masks on the beach because they discourage tourism

    The Junta de Andalucía this Tuesday showed its opposition to the use of masks for sunbathing on the beach and in municipal swimming pools, declaring its support for the directive it implemented last summer.

    Executive spokesman Elías Bendodo defended at a press conference that forcing the use of a mask for sunbathing is “a clear way to discourage tourism” and called for “common sense” and for the central government to correct this “urgently”.

    Hopefully the government understands that tourists choose their holiday destination depending on the restrictions in this country. But it seems that the government is guided by false hopes of tourists’ loyalty, which frankly does not exist. Decisions are made based on the restrictions in the holiday destination.

    Spain cannot afford another summer of severe tourism restrictions, so it is time to end the discussions about having to wear masks outside confined spaces where there is hardly any risk of infecting yourself.

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