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Friday, June 25, 2021
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    Gibraltar is the petri-dish of the world: Live music, church services and matches with fans allowed

    With almost the entire population of Gibraltar vaccinated, the world is now watching with interest how the pandemic will develop with vaccinated people. From Friday onwards, Gibraltar has become a small ‘oasis’ in which public events can be held. So live music, churches with the believers, sport with fans… All of this with hydro alcoholic gel and a gradual elimination of the capacity restrictions. This is the new normal for public events on the Rock:

    1. The public returns to stands, masses and live performances are gradually allowed. Initially, capacity will be limited to 50% of capacity until Friday 30 April. It will rise to 66% of capacity until 14 May. It is then expected to return to 100% capacity. However, “as long as the cases remain at very low levels”, the Gibraltar Government points out.

    2. Gyms and churches will be able to open normally to their customers and church members. In these cases, the operation will be under the responsibility of their own management, always under the guidelines of Public Health.

    3. Restaurants and bars will be allowed to have live music and DJ performances. However, the government warns that “contact tracing, monitoring of staff and regular cleaning and disinfection remain key”. Masks will be mandatory only in shops, health services including private clinics, construction sites, inside homes and offices, buses and taxis and at funeral services inside a place of religious worship.

    5. Employees in restaurants, cafés and bars will have to continue to wear face masks until 1 May, when this obligation will be reviewed. Its removal will depend on the evolution of the pandemic at that time.

    6. The Government of Gibraltar urges continued compliance with public health recommendations, as the new normality sets in, “not forgetting that the world is facing another wave and that the risk from new strains remains very real”.

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