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Friday, June 25, 2021
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    A “massacre” has been reported in the Strait of Gibraltar after 8 dolphins were found dead in less than 24 hours

    The CECAM has reported a “massacre” in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar during the last few hours, with the appearance of seven dolphin calves and a pilot whale calf, two of which have been found on the beaches of El Chorrillo and El Sarchal in Ceuta and the rest in the water.

    According to these associations, everything seems to indicate that the cause of these mutilations is mainly due to illegal fishing in this area.

    The facts have already been reported “to the relevant authorities”, clarifies the CECAM, which has warned that there is no proof of “what could have happened, but everything points to poaching techniques”, mainly by some Moroccan fishing boats operating in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar.

    The animals show signs of mutilation, in fins and limbs, and two of them have died on land on the coast of Ceuta, while the rest have been found floating in the sea.

    CECAM has announced that it has contacted the Ministry of the Environment and the Ceuta Ministry of Health to ask for a solution to these deaths and has announced that if this situation does not end, it will mobilise with international associations such as Greenpeace.

    In the same vein, the CECAM has stated that on Sunday afternoon – when they collected the first of the dolphins at sea – they came across four Moroccan fishing boats that were fishing in Ceuta waters with illegal fishing nets.

    The association has detailed that the sightings began this Sunday when the members of CECAM set sail on board a boat belonging to the Ceuta Global Yachting tourist company after receiving a report of a sighting of a baby pilot whale with its fins cut off.

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